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Claims management for both pools is provided by Alternative Service Concepts, LLC (ASC).  Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, Alternative Service Concepts, LLC (ASC) is an integrity-based, quality driven third party administrator. With offices located strategically throughout the United States, ASC has offered multi-line property and casualty claims management services to a wide range of organizations for over 30 years.

ASC draws on their professional staff’s skills and experience to formulate strategies for effective and prompt claims investigation, evaluation, and resolution—areas critical to controlling the costs of a risk management program.

ASC maintains that quality claims management is the art of making the best decisions at the proper times to bring claims to a rapid conclusion at the lowest possible cost. Personal commitment, aggressiveness, and innovation by the claims staff are essential to achieving claims cost containment.

Effective claims management means monitoring each claim to ensure that all events affecting its value occur on a timely basis, with strict adherence to follow-up procedures. It means verifying each incident, interviewing claimants, taking statements, detecting potential problem situations, and initiating appropriate action promptly. This approach leads to more efficient and competent service that maximizes savings and generates better results sooner for our members.

Claims Action Center

How to Report a Claim

In order of preference

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Notice of Loss Form
C-3 Form

Then print it and use one of the methods below.


Members may report claims by fax to (775) 329-7418. 


New claims may be sent to ASC at 1755 E. Plumb Lane #148, Reno, Nevada 89502


Members may report claims by calling ASC at (800) 291-6826. 

AT (775) 329-7418


After-Hours Claims Reporting

To report a claim after normal business hours and get immediate access to an adjuster simply call ASC’s Reno office at 775-329-1181.   Our answering service will put you in touch with our on-call adjuster.  

The following types of claims are required to be reported to POOL:


  1. Spinal Cord Injuries—resulting in paraplegia, quadriplegia
  2. Amputations
  3. Severe head injury involving brain damage and affecting mentality or central nervous system
  4. Impairment of vision or hearing by 50% or more
  5. Burns– involving over 10% of body with third degree or 30% with second degree
  6. Multiple fractures
  7. Nerve damage
  8. Massive internal injuries
  9. Injury to nerve at base of spinal canal or any other back injury resulting in incontinence of bowel     and/or bladder
  10. Fatalities
  11. Any claim not listed above that presents an unusual exposure to coverage, ie: sexual molestation, AIDS, rape, environmental exposure, class actions and bad faith allegations
  12. Any other serious injury that may involve our liability


In the event of a property loss to buildings, contents or computer equipment:

  1. Take reasonable steps to protect the property from further damage
  2. If a crime is involved, notify police immediately and do not disturb physical evidence
  3. Report the claim to ASC immediately
  4. Do not effect permanent repairs or discard destroyed  or damaged property until after the loss is inspected and documented by ASC or its assigned representative.


In the event there is water incursion into a building from any source, immediate steps must be taken to prevent further water incursion and to dry out the building and prevent microbial growth.  Microbial growth can occur in as early as 48 hours.   Unless Member staff is trained in the proper methods of water extraction and building dry outs, a specialist must be contacted.   Do not attempt to dry out the building using heat!  

POOL authorizes its Members to contact the following restoration company directly:

Belfor Property Restoration
Toll Free:  866-938-2447

Claims Team

Donna Squires
Claims Manager
Reno office

Property & Casualty

Dan Hamlin
Senior Claims Adjuster
Reno office

Diane Evans
Senior Claims Adjuster
Las Vegas office

Jasmine Sanchez
Claims Administrator
Reno office 

Workers’ Compensation

Mike Livermore
Claims Supervisor
Reno office

Karen Barbee
Senior Claims Adjuster
Reno office

Celis Nozu
Claims Adjuster
Reno office