Risk Management Grant Program


POOL/PACT is pleased to offer members the opportunity to reduce risks and defray the costs of risk management programs through two grant programs. 

The Educational Grant program may be applied for any time of the year. Each member is entitled to five grants of up to $2,000.00 per person. These funds may be used to attend a risk management seminar or conference such as AGRIP, PRIMA, PARMA, SHRM or ASSE. These funds may also be used to host risk management centered training at your location or attending web based trainings. 

The Risk Managment Grant Program requires applicatio be submitted by either by the deadline of January 15 and July 15 each year. Examples of risk initiatives that may be eligible for funding include:

  1. Equipment that promotes employee safety (personal protective equipment).
  2. Equipment that promotes premises safety (signage, monitoring equipment, etc..,)
  3. Purchasing equipment or materials that facilitate OSHA or other regulatory compliance.
  4. Installing systems that reduce property risk
  5. Other enhancements to risk management programs


The following items are not eligible for grant funding: (1) firearms/tasers, (2) tactical equipment for law enforcment, (3) disposable goods,  (4) exercise equipment, (5) automatic defibrallators (AED's), and (6) software programs. POOL/PACT reserves the right to classify other items as ineligible for funding at any time. 


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