Risk Management Services

The pools don’t just provide a means for financing risk—we are also committed to helping our members prevent losses before they occur. Risk management focuses on those practices that enable public entities to achieve their objectives as public servants, educators, employers, and members of the community by reducing the frequency and severity of claims. POOL/PACT strives to provide practical, usable risk management resources at no additional cost to its members. Our risk management staff provides advice by phone, in person, in seminars, at national meetings, and through a variety of online and print publications that offer practical advice.

Training Resources
POOL/PACT offers a variety of programs that help educate members in areas of risk, liability, and prevention. Programs include video and DVD workshops, online training, and onsite seminars in such topics as public officials’ liability, non-structural earthquake safety, open meeting law, ethics, defensive driver course, law enforcement liability, swimming pool operator certification, emergency vehicle operator course, and many others. Some of these programs are created and delivered by the pools’ risk management staff, while others are hosted by the pool and delivered by subject matter experts.

Expert Consultation and Technical Assistance
Our risk management staff, loss control representatives and HR consultants are broadly experienced in safety, employment law, and public sector affairs. Some of the services commonly provided include review of contract provisions relating to risk and insurance, loss trend analysis and issue-specific research projects.  Whether your question involves managing a special event or an employment related crisis, we can help. Our goal is to support your entity's risk management efforts.

Infrared Testing Services
Thermal Imaging identifies electrical problems such as faulty fuses, loose wires and overloaded
circuits to help members prevent unscheduled maintenance, decrease business interruptions and increase efficient energy usage.

Wellness & Health Consulting
Healthy employees are statistically less likely to have work related injuries or develop occupational diseases. We can help you improve general wellness among your employees, thereby reducing exposure for Workers Compensation losses. Whether you are looking for a diet and exercise program or assistance with promoting smoking cessation, we can help.

A variety of publications offering practical advice are available to pool members online and in hard copy. These are accessible in the Member Resource area of the website.

  • POOL/PACT Risk Management Bulletins  Pool risk management staff researches and publishes several bulletins annually concerning municipal operations, buildings and grounds, recreational facilities, special event management, driver safety, emergency planning, and other topics in risk.
  • HR Alerts
  • UE’s Reason & Risk, Public School News, Risk Research Bulletins and others United Educator’s newsletters and bulletins provides important information about UE and issues in education insurance. These publications are distributed to all K-12 member school districts.
  • Pooling Perspectives , our monthly e-newsletter  keeps members up to date about programs offered and current topics of interest.
  • LLRMI Newsletters, IACP Policy Alert, and Police Beat  These periodicals are distributed to all POOL/PACT law enforcement member agencies. Each publication follows the latest news in law enforcement liability trends and provides strategies for risk reduction through the effective implementation of policy and training.