Thursday, January 25     1 PM - 3 PM
POOL/PACT Building
201 South Roop Street
2nd Floor Conference Room
Carson City, NV 89701
P: 775-887-2240
Marshall Smith
(775) 885-7475
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            Marshall Smith, POOL/PACT Risk Manager


            (775) 885-7475

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Presented by:  Ann Alexander, Esq.

Complying with state laws for ensuring safe and respectful learning environments has been a challenge for school districts in recent years, in part because of the ever-changing requirements.  Implementation requires that school districts take action, but district implementation is influenced by statutory requirements for the NDE to take action as well.  

This training will bring administrators up-to-date on current statutory and regulatory requirements.  The training will also review the current status of NDE implementation of its responsibilities.  Practical guidance will be provided for ensuring compliance with the statute, including guidelines for determining whether a particular incident fits within the statute, and, if so, protocols for ensuring that all required steps are taken within statutory timelines, and that all steps are clearly documented.  Administrators will be provided with materials they can use (or modify) to train staff.