risk management

Each pool member is served by a dedicated loss control representative who is available to meet with the member and explore various loss control strategies appropriate for their given operations. The Loss Control Excellence Program involves a rigorous review of the member’s policies and procedures geared towards the reduction of loss. Members who complete the program receive a cash award and a plaque representing their commitment to implementing effective loss control measures.
The Loss Control Excellence Program (LCEP) was launched in 1996. Under the program auspices, member entities participate in a rigorous review of risk management practices. Program elements include:

Loss Control Organization (safety committee, accident investigation, regulatory compliance, etc.)
Employment Practices
Fiscal Controls
Transportation/Fleet Program

Law Enforcement Risk Management
Fire Services
Parks and Recreation
Streets and Roads

Upon completion of the review and demonstration of substantial conformity with best practices in public entity risk management, the member is presented with a Loss Control Excellence Award plaque acknowledging this achievement and a cash award for up to $3500.00.  Additionally, upon completion of the LCEP, the member may appoint a representative to sit on the pool’s Loss Control Committee and participate in development of pool loss control programs.  The member must requalify for the LCEP award every three years. In interim years, the member may also qualify for a continuation award of $750.00 for enhancements to their risk management programs.


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