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Member Spotlight

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Paul Johnson

Featured Member Spotlight
Paul Johnson

White Pine County School District

Chief Financial Officer

Years of experience:

20 years experience as the Chief Financial Officer for White Pine County School District

Educational Background:

Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with Accounting Emphasis from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Registered Representative of the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) Series 6 & 63 Licenses

Family (Spouce, children, pets):

I have a wife, Shelly, that I've been married to for 29 years and two boys (Michael and Nicholas) ages 26 and 21


Golf, basketball, mountain biking, fishing, camping, unicycling, juggling, and coaching.

Best Part Of Your Job:

The best part of my job is the people I get to work with and the students we get to help! Working for the school district has been my most rewarding job.

Accomplishment You Are Most Proud Of:

Wrapping multiple funding sources together to construct athletic fields, building additions, improving schools and creating operating efficiencies. Also, working on statewide panels designed to analyze and improve education funding has been educational and rewarding.

Most Challenging Part Of Your Job:

Delivering less than desirable financial news to the District and community is a bit challenging. Communicating our financial situation and needs to state agencies, executive branch and legislators has also been a challenge.

Number of Years Working With POOL/PACT? Leadership And Related Positions Held With POOL/PACT?

Chair PACT, Chair PCM (Public Compensation Mutual)
Paul Johnson

Why You Believe That Serving In This Position Is Important:

Involvement in POOL and PACT is significant because we learn how to preserve the health and well-being of our entities, our employees and our communities in a manner that transcends economics. The knowledge about our services such as EAP, safety, health and wellness, risk mgt., etc. all provide value that improve our institutions and benefits the lives of our members.

Top Three Reasons You Believe That Membership In POOL/PACT Is Helpful To Your Entity:

1. Programs and services improve the financial and operational health of our entity. 2. Connected to a tremendous network of colleagues that host volumes of information that I can tap into if I have questions or need guidance. 3. Membership in POOL/PACT has provided me with more training and education about risk management, financial management, health & wellness and governance than any other business or organization I have been affiliated with.

Top Three Reasons People Shoud Visit Your Town:

1. To visit me 2. Enjoy our clean fresh air and simple lifestyle 3. Take in our scenic mountains and outdoor activities.

Most Interesting Historical Fact About Your Town:

Ely is home to the Nevada Northern Railway Museum which is one of the largest and oldest rail museums in the nation. It is also a national landmark. The NNRy offers train rides pulled by century-old steam engines and view original railway locomotives, rolling stock, passenger station and buildings that served the historic copper-mining region of Central Nevada for over a century.

Best Annual Activity In Your Town:

Fire and Ice at the Cave Lake State Park. This event features snow and ice sculptures, ice skating, ice fishing, bowling and other entertainment on the ice at scenic Cave Lake followed by a fireworks display at night.

Contact And Additional Information:

Paul Johnson, CFO White Pine County School District 1135 Avenue C Ely, Nevada 89301 (775) 289-4851 x7107
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