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Abel del Real-Nava

Featured Member Spotlight
Abel del Real-Nava

Humboldt County, Nevada

Assistant County Manager/Human Resources Director

Years of experience:

I have been the Assistant County Manager/Human Resources Director for Humboldt County since January 2017. Before that I serviced as an Administrative Clerk IV working out of class as the county's Human Resources Director. Before joining Humboldt County, I worked as the Office Manager for Robison Engineering Company, Inc.; 'A diverse, adventurous group of hard-working engineers, surveyors, scientists, trucks, and electronic things.'

Educational Background:

I hold the following degrees; Associate of Arts in Business from Truckee Meadows Community College (2013) Associate of Science in Bioenvironmental Engineering Technology from the Community College of the Air Force (2016) Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in Management form the University of Nevada, Reno (2015) Executive Master of Business Administration from the University of Nevada, Reno (2018)

Family (Spouce, children, pets):

My family is spread out throughout Nevada, the US, and Mexico. My mom and older sister live in my hometown of South Lake Tahoe, California. My younger sister lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.


I enjoy traveling, socializing, dancing, music, listening to KUNR public radio, and reading about new and emerging consumer technologies.

Best Part Of Your Job:

The best part of my job is being able to create and guide change within our organization and community.

Accomplishment You Are Most Proud Of:

The accomplishment I am most proud of is being the person in my family to obtain a college education.

Most Challenging Part Of Your Job:

Recruitment is one of the hardest tasks of human resources, especially when employees decide to quit or reveal unsuited for the job. Despite the best recruitment methodologies, there are other important variables that influence the success of recruitment and retention (you cannot predict everything, people change, retention does not depend exclusively on the human resources department) However, when we as human resources professionals say that a person is fit for the job and for the county culture, we are always responsible for that suggestion.

Number of Years Working With POOL/PACT? Leadership And Related Positions Held With POOL/PACT?

I have worked with POOL/PACT since April of 2016. I currently sit on the Human Resources Oversight Committee and have been tapped as an alternate for my County Manager's role in the Executive Committee.
Abel del Real-Nava

Why You Believe That Serving In This Position Is Important:

Serving in this position is important because employees, managers, and elected officials look us human resources professionals for advice and guidance on personnel matters. This fragile trust must be maintained through open and honest communication and timely follow through on mutually agreed upon items.

Top Three Reasons You Believe That Membership In POOL/PACT Is Helpful To Your Entity:

1) There are some areas of human resources I am stronger in than others. POOL/PACT's knowledgeable staff of human resources professionals are available to assist in sometimes complex matters that require a greater amount of attention to detail. 2) POOL/PACT's management and human resources training programs give our managers and supervisors the tools they need to navigate the challenges employee management can bring. 3) POOL/PACT's annual human resources conference allows its members to network and stay informed of the latest developments affecting human resources.

Top Three Reasons People Shoud Visit Your Town:

1) Excellent family-style Basque restaurants. 2) Our local streams, reservoirs, and lakes yield a variety of species of fish including trout, crappies, bass and others. 3) Winnemucca is surrounded by vast amounts of public lands ready to be explored!

Most Interesting Historical Fact About Your Town:

Humboldt County is the oldest county in Nevada, created by the Utah Territorial Legislature in 1856. It was also one of Nevada's original nine counties created in 1861.

Best Annual Activity In Your Town:

The best annual activity is the West’s premiere photography symposium, Shooting the West.

Contact And Additional Information:

I am available via phone at (775) 623-6300 or e-mail at
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