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Joint Exec Comm Minutes 10-17-2005.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Minutes 12-19-05.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Minutes 3-13-2006.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Minutes 4-24-06.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Minutes 5-18-06.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Minutes 6-9-2006.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Minutes 6-26-06.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Minutes 3-06-07.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Minutes 4-24-07.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Minutes 5-2-07.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Minutes 6-8-07.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Minutes 9-24-07.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Minutes 3-11-08.pdf
Minutes of Joint Exec Comm 4-21-08.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Amended Agenda Minutes 8-18-08.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Minutes 11-3-08.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Minutes 3-16-09.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Minutes 4-27-09.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Minutes 5-18-09.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Minutes 11-6-09.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Minutes 3-8-10.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Minutes 4-23-10.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Minutes 12-13-10.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Minutes 3-3-2011.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Minutes 4-26-2011.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Minutes 8-23-2011.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Minutes 3-16-2012.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Minutes 4-24-12.pdf
Jt. Executive Comm Minutes 12-27-12.pdf
Jt. Exec Comm Minutes 3-4-13.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Minutes 4-23-2013.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Minutes 5-29-2013.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Minutes 3-3-14.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Minutes 4-21-2014.pdf
Jt Exec Comm Amend Agenda Mins 5-22-2014.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Minutes 9-22-2014.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Minutes 12-10-2014.pdf
Jt Exec Comm Minutes 3-2-15 .pdf
Joint Exec Comm Minutes 4-29-2015.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Minutes 5-27-2015.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Minutes 8-31-2015 AMENDED.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Minutes 10-23-2015.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Minutes 3-21-2016 .pdf
Joint Exec Comm Minutes 4-28-2016.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Minutes 5-23-2016 .pdf
Joint Executive Comm Minutes 3-22-2017.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Minutes 4-21-2017 .pdf
Joint Executive Comm Minutes 11-8-17.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Minutes 2-23 18.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Minutes 3-28-2018.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Minutes 4-18-2018.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Minutes 5-14-2018.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Minutes 8-20-2018.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Minutes 11-05-2018.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Minutes 2-19-2019.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Minutes 4-2-2019.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Minutes 6-21-2019 .pdf
Joint Executive Comm Minutes September 6, 2019.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Minutes Nov 04 2019 AMENDED.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Minutes March 11 2020.pdf
Joint Executive Comm MINUTES April 6 2020.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Minutes May 27 2020.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Sept 28 2020 Minutes.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Minutes 10-19-2020.pdf
Amended Joint Executive Comm Meeting Minutes 12-7-2020 -approved.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Minutes 2-16-2021.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Approved Minutes 4-5-2021.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Minutes 4-20-2021 approved.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Minutes 6-25-2021.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Minutes 8-24-2021.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Minutes 10-7-2021.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Approved Minutes 1-5-2022.pdf
Joint Executive Comm 3-22-2022 Approved Minutes.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Approved Minutes 4-12-2022.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Approved MINUTES 5-18-2022.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Approved Minutes 7-29-2022.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Approved Minutes 10-11-2022.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Approved Minutes 2-17-2023.pdf
Joint Executive Comm DRAFT MINTUES 3-20-2023.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Minutes 4-7-2023.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Draft Minutes 9-1-2023.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Minutes 10-13-2023.pdf
3a Joint Executive Comm Minutes 10-13-2023.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Agenda 10-17-05.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Agenda 12-19-05.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Agenda 3-13-2006.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Agenda 4-24-06.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Agenda 5-18-2006.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Agenda 6-9-2006.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Agenda 6-26-06.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Agenda 9-13-06.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Agenda 3-6-07.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Agenda 4-24-07.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Agenda 5-2-07.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Agenda 6-8-2007.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Agenda 9-24-07.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Agenda 3-11-08.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Agenda 4-21-08.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Agenda amended 8-18-08.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Agenda 11-3-08.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Agenda 3-16-09.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Agenda 4-27-09.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Agenda 5-18-09.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Agenda 11-6-09.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Agenda 3-8-10.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Agenda 4-23-2010.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Agenda 12-13-10.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Agenda 3-3-2011.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Agenda 4-26-2011.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Agenda 8-23-2011.pdf
Jt. Exec Comm Agenda 3-16-12 & Supporting Material.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Agenda 4-24-2012.pdf
Jt. Executive Comm Agenda 12-27-12.pdf
Exec Committee Agenda 3-4-13.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Agenda 4-23-2013 (2).pdf
Joint Exec Comm Agenda 5-29-2013.pdf
Jt Executive Comm Agenda 3-3-14.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Agenda 4-21-2014.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Agenda 5-22-2014.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Amended Agenda 5-22-2014.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Agenda 9-22-2014.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Agenda 12-10-2014.pdf
Jt Exec Comm Agenda 3-2-15, revised.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Agenda 4-29-2015.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Agenda 5-27-2015.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Agenda 8-31-2015 AMENDED.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Agenda 10-23-2015.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Agenda 3-21-16.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Agenda 4-28-2016.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Amended Agenda 5-23-2016.pdf
Joint Exec Supporting Materials Combined 5-23-16.pdf
Jt. Exec Comm 3-22-17 Agenda.pdf
Jt. Exec Comm Agenda Packet 4-21-17 FINAL.pdf
Joint Exec Comm Agenda and Supporting Docs 11-8-17 .pdf
1a Joint Executive Comm Agenda 2-23 18.pdf
Joint Exec Comm 2-23-18 Complete Packet.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Agenda 3-28-2018.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Agenda 4-18-2018.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Agenda 5-14-2018.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Agenda 8-20-2018.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Agenda 11 05 2018.pdf
Joint Executive Committee 11-5-18 Agenda Packet1.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Agenda 2-19-2019.pdf
2-19-19 JEXC Agenda Meeting Packet.pdf
2-19-19 -Item 9 - Supplemental packet.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Agenda 4-2-2019.pdf
Joint Executive Committee Packet 4-2-19.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Agenda 6-21-2019.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Agenda September 6, 2019.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Agenda 11-04-2019 AMENDED.pdf
Joint Executive Committee 11-4-19 Full Packet.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Agenda March 11 2020.pdf
March 11th Packet-ALL MEETINGS 3-11-20.pdf
Joint Executive Committe 4-6-2020 Agenda Packet.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Agenda May 27 2020.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Agenda 92820.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Agenda 10-19-2020.pdf
Amended Joint Executive Comm Agenda 12-7-2020.pdf
Amended Joint Executive Comm Agenda 12-7-2020 - Second Amended.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Agenda 2-16-2021.pdf

Joint Executive Comm Agenda 4-5-2021.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Packet 4-5-2021.pdf
Joint Executive Meeting CORRECTED Agenda PACKET 4 20 2021.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Agenda 6-18-2021.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Agenda 6-25-2021.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Agenda 8-24-2021.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Agenda 10-7-2021.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Agenda 1-5-2022.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Agenda 3-22-2022.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Agenda 4-12-2022.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Agenda 5-18-2022.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Agenda 7-29-2022.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Agenda 10-11-2022.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Agenda 2-17-2023.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Agenda 3-20-2023.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Agenda 4-7-2023.pdf
Joint Executive Comm Agenda 9-1-2023.pdf
00 Executive Comm Agenda 12-19-2023.pdf
00 Joint Executive Comm Agenda 10-13-2023.pdf
00 Joint Executive Comm Agenda 3-12-2024.pdf
00 Joint Executive Comm Agenda 4-2-2024.docx





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