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CHRM Oversight Minutes 7-20-05.pdf
CHRM Oversight Minutes 10-25-05.pdf
CHRM Oversight Minutes 12-1-05.pdf
CHRM Oversight Minutes 2-27-06.pdf
CHRM Oversight Committee Minutes 11-1-06.pdf
CHRM Oversight Meeting Minutes 02-21-07.pdf
CHRM Oversight Meeting Minutes 05-23-07.pdf
APPROVED Oversight Meeting Minutes 09-12-07.pdf
Oversight Meeting Minutes 12-12-07.pdf
HR Oversight Minutes 3-05-08.pdf
HR Oversight Minutes 6-11-08.pdf
HR Oversight Comittee Minutes 9-24-08.pdf
HR Oversight Committee Minutes 12-03-08.pdf
HR Oversight Minutes 1-21-2009.pdf
HR Oversight Minutes 3-4-09.pdf
HR Oversight Comm 6-10-09 Minutes.pdf
HR Oversight Minutes 9-09-09.pdf
HR Oversight Minutes 12-09-09.pdf
HR Oversight Minutes 3-10-10.pdf
HR Oversight Approved Minutes 6-9-10.pdf
HR Oversight Approved Minutes 9-17-10 (2).pdf
HR Oversight Commitee Approved Minutes 12-3-10.pdf
HR Oversight Comm Approved Minutes 3-18-11.pdf
HR Oversight Approved Minutes 6-17-11.pdf
HR Oversight Approved Minutes 9-16-11.pdf
HR Oversight Approved Minutes 12-16-11.pdf
HR Oversight Approved Minutes 3-23-12.pdf
HR Oversight Approved Minutes 6-15-12.pdf
HR Oversight Approved Minutes 9-21-12.pdf
HR Oversight Approved Minutes 12-7-12.pdf
HR Oversight Approved Minutes 3-8- 13.pdf
HR Oversight Approved Minutes 6-7-13.pdf
HR Oversight Approved Minutes 9-20-13.pdf
HR Oversight Approved Minutes 12-13-13.pdf
HR Oversight Approved Minutes 3-28-14.pdf
HR Oversight Approved Minutes 6-20-14.pdf
HR Oversight Approved Minutes 9-19-14.pdf
HR Oversight Approved Minutes 12-5-14.pdf
HR Oversight Approved Minutes 3-20-15.pdf
HR Oversight Approved Minutes 6-19-15.pdf
HR OSC Approved Minutes 10-2-15.pdf
HR OSC Approved Minutes 12-11-15.pdf
HR OSC Approved Minutes 3-18-16.pdf
HR OSC Approved Minutes 6-17-16.pdf
HR OSC Approved Minutes 9-16-16.pdf
HR OSC Approved Minutes 12-9-16; approved 3-10-17.pdf
HR OSC Approved Minutes 3-10-17.pdf
HR OSC Approved Minutes 9-15-17.pdf
HR OSC Approved Minutes 12-8-17.pdf
HR OSC Approved Minutes 3-9-2018.pdf
HR OSC Approved Minutes 6-1-18.pdf
HR OSC Approved Minutes 9-28-18.pdf
HR OSC Approved Minutes of Meeting December 7 2018.pdf
HR OSC Approved Minutes of Meeting March 1 2019.pdf
HR OSC Approved Minutes of Meeting June 7 2019.pdf
HR OSC Approved Minutes of Meeting September 20 2019.pdf
HR OSC Approved Minutes of Meeting December 13 2019.pdf
HR OSC Approved Minutes of Meeting March 6 2020.pdf
REVISED HR OSC Approved Minutes of Meeting June 5 2020.pdf
HR OSC Approved Minutes of Meeting 9 11 2020.pdf
HR OSC Approved Minutes of Meeting December 4 2020.pdf
HR OSC Approved Minutes of Meeting March 5 2021.pdf
HR OSC Approved OSC Minutes of Meeting June 25 2021.pdf
HR OSC Approved Minutes of Meeting September 17 2021.pdf
HR OSC Approved Minutes of Meeting December 20 2021.pdf
HR OSC Approved Minutes of Meeting March 4 2022.pdf
REVISED HR OSC Approved Minutes of June 3 2022.pdf
HR OSC Approved Minutes of September 9 2022.pdf
HR OSC Approved Minutes of December 9 2022.pdf
HR OSC Approved Minutes of March 10 2023.pdf
CHRM Oversight Agenda 7-20-05.pdf
CHRM Oversight Agenda 10-25-05.pdf
CHRM Oversight Agenda 12-1-05.pdf
CHRM Oversight Agenda 2-27-06.pdf
CHRM Oversight Committee Agenda 11-1-06.pdf
CHRM Oversight Committe Agenda 2-21-07.pdf
CHRM Oversight Agenda 5-23-07.pdf
HR Oversight Agenda 9-12-07.pdf
HR Oversight Agenda 12-12-07.pdf
HR Oversight Agenda 3-5-08.pdf
HR Oversight Agenda 6-11-08.pdf
HR Oversight Committee Agenda 9-24-08.pdf
HR Oversight Agenda 12-3-08.pdf
HR Oversight Agenda 1-21-09.pdf
HR Oversight Agenda 3-4-09.pdf
HR Oversight Agenda 6-10-09.pdf
HR Oversight Agenda 090909.pdf
HR Oversight Agenda 120909.pdf
HR Oversight Agenda 031010.pdf
HR Oversight Agenda 060910.pdf
HR Oversight Agenda 9-17-10.pdf
HR Oversight Agenda 12-3-10.pdf
HR Oversight Agenda 3-18-11.pdf
HR Oversight Agenda 6-17-11.pdf
HR Oversight Agenda 9-16-11.pdf
HR Oversight Agenda 12-16-11.pdf
HR Oversight Agenda 3-23-12.pdf
HR Oversight Agenda 6-15-12.pdf
HR Oversight Comm Agenda 9-21-12.pdf
HR Oversight Comm Agenda 12-7-12.pdf
HR Oversight Comm Agenda 3-8-13.pdf
HR Oversight Comm Agenda 6-7-13.pdf
HR Oversight Comm Agenda 9-20-2013.pdf
HR Oversight Comm Agenda 12-13-13.pdf
HR Oversight Comm Agenda 3-28-14.pdf
HR Oversight Comm Agenda 6-20-14.pdf
HR Oversight Comm Agenda 9-19-14.pdf
HR Oversight Comm Agenda 12-5-14.pdf
HR Oversight Comm Agenda 3-20-15.pdf
HR Oversight Comm Agenda 6-19-15.pdf
HR Oversight Comm Agenda 10-2-15.pdf
HR Oversight Comm Agenda 12-11-15.pdf
HR Oversight Comm Agenda 3-18-16.pdf
HR Oversight Comm Agenda 6-17-16.pdf
HR OSC Agenda 9-16-16
HR OSC Agenda 12-9-16.pdf
HR OSC Agenda 3-10-17.pdf
HR OSC Agenda 6-9-17 OSC.pdf
HR OSC Agenda 9-15-17.pdf
HR OSC Agenda 12-8-17
HR OSC Agenda 3-9-18
HR OSC Agenda 6-1-18.pdf
HR OSC Agenda 9-28-18.pdf
HR Oversight Committee Agenda 12-7-18.pdf
HR Oversight Committee Agenda 3-1-19.pdf
HR Oversight Committee Agenda 6-7-19.pdf
HR Oversight Committee Agenda 9-20-19.pdf
HR Oversight Committee Agenda 12-13-19.pdf
HR Oversight Committee Agenda 3-6-20.pdf
HR Oversight Committee Agenda 6-5-20.pdf
HR Oversight Committee Agenda 9-11-20.pdf
REVISED HR Oversight Committee Agenda 12-4-20.pdf
HR Oversight Committee Agenda 3-5-21.pdf
HR Oversight Committee Agenda 6-25-21.pdf
HR Oversight Committee Agenda 9-17-21.pdf
(Cancelled) HR Oversight Committee 12-10-21 Agenda.pdf

HR Oversight Committee 12-20-21 Agenda.pdf
HR Oversight Committtee 3-4-2022 Agenda.pdf
HR Oversight Committee 9-9-22 Agenda.pdf
HR Oversight Committee 12-9-2022 Agenda.pdf
HR Oversight Comm Agenda 3-10-2023.pdf
Revised Agenda 6-9-2023 OSC FINAL.pdf
HR Oversight Committee Agenda 9-8-2023.pdf





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