Instructions for Completing the POOL/PACT Risk Management Grant Application

POOL/PACT is pleased to provide funding for risk management programs, projects, and acquisitions to members which will reduce, mitigate, and/or eliminate risk to their employees or the public they  serve.  All Risk Management Grants are reimbursement based and require 25% member contribution. The information listed below will assist in understanding and completing the application process. 

The POOL/PACT Loss Control Committee has identified four primary grant funding criteria for awarding of grants:

  1. The member presents sufficient evidence of: (1)  prior claims or complaints which the subject of the grant would reduce or eliminate, (2) close-calls which the subject of the grant would reduce or eliminate, or (3) a trend or rise of claims which the subject of the grant would reduce or eliminate;
  2. A POOL/PACT consultant (for example: a professional retained by POOL/PACT to assist school districts, law enforcement, swimming pools, cyber security) recommends a project, item, or expenditure; or the POOL/PACT Loss Control Committee recommends a project, item, or expenditure;
  3. The member provides sufficient evidence that significant risk reduction or loss control would benefit a significant number of member employees or public they serve, and such project, item, or expenditure would be applicable and beneficial to all POOL/PACT members in reducing or mitigating risk;
  4. All other grant applications will be reviewed and analyzed on an individual basis, based upon the evidence presented to support risk management, loss control, or safety. 
  5. Grant requests for projects already paid for by the member are ineligible for funding. 


The following information will be needed to complete the grant application:

  1. The name of the Member Agency.  (i.e. Elko County School District, Indian Hills General Improvement District, Beatty General Improvement District).
  2. The name of the department or agency (if different than the Member Agency) submitting the application.
  3. The name and email of the department which will receive the grant reimbursement (i.e. the member’s comptroller, treasurer, or financial department).
  4. The name, phone number, and email of the person submitting the application.
  5. The name, title, email, and phone number of member’s liaison.
  6. A completed “Member Risk Management Grant Application Approval Form” which must be submitted with the grant application. (A blank form can be downloaded here).
  7. A narrative explaining:
    1. Why the risk management project, program, or acquisition applies to one or more of the Risk Management Grant Funding Criteria.
    2. How risk will be reduced, mitigated, or eliminated;
    3. Why the member does not have the funds to finance the project and how the member will obtain the member’s grant contribution.  
  8. Supporting documents (i.e. invoices, estimates, proposals, etc.).
    1. All funding for repairs, construction, or remodel, must be completed by certified, bonded, insured, and licensed entity;
    2. Funding for programs, products, or services must be provided by authorized, licensed, certified, and qualified individuals and/or entities.
    3. If you have any questions regarding (a) or (b), please contact POOL/PACT Risk Management. 
  9. Total budget for the risk management project, program, or acquisition.
  10. Dollar amount to be funded by the member.
  11. Dollar amount to be funded by POOL/PACT.
  12. If the grant is approved, applicant will be required to agree to and submit a Validation Report within 30 days of the object of the grant becoming operational.  (A blank Validation Report can be downloaded here).  Please note that failure to do so may result in denial of future POOL/PACT Risk Management Grants.
  13. If the grant is approved, applicant will submit all receipts associated with purchase of the project, program, or acquisition to POOL/PACT within 30 days of payment by the member.  POOL/PACT will then remit reimbursement funding up to the grant reimbursement amount to the member’s treasurer or comptroller as listed in the grant application.
  14. Grant funding requests greater than $10,000 are referred to the Loss Control Committee for review and consideration.  The Loss Control Committee reviews such grants twice a year: applications received prior to March 1, during its March meeting, applications received prior to September, during its September meeting.  (Grants received prior to April 15, 2018 will be considered by the Loss Control Committee during its May 15, 2018 meeting, due to the updated and new guidelines recently implemented).  Grants under $10,000 are reviewed by the Risk Management staff. All grants require 25% member contribution.
  15. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  16. Grant funding may be used only for the subject of the application.  The member is responsible for and agrees to return any unused funding amount within 30 days of funding.

Should you have any additional questions, please call Marshall Smith at (775) 885-7475.

* REV 5/4/18

Documents you will need:

Member Application Approval Form
Download, save, and have this completed by the department supervisor and board/liason before submitting online application. This form may also be completed and mailed to POOL/PACT.

Validation Report
Download and save this document. You will be required to submit this document within 30 days after education event is completed.

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