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Instructions for Completing the POOL/PACT Risk Management Grant Application

SECTION I - General Information and Funding Criteria

  1. General Information.  POOL/PACT is pleased to provide a re-imbursement grant for Risk Management programs, projects, and acquisitions that will reduce, mitigate, and/or eliminate risk to members, their employees, and the public it serves.  This document describes grant funding criteria, rules, restrictions, and how to apply for Risk Management Grants.  For questions about the application or process, please contact Marshall Smith at (775) 885-7475 or, or Jarrod Hickman at (775) 885-7475 or
  2. Funding Criteria.  The POOL/PACT Loss Control Committee has identified the following funding criteria for Risk Management Grants:
    1. The member presents sufficient evidence of:
      1. prior claims or complaints which the grant subject would reduce or eliminate;
      2. close-calls or near-misses which the grant subject would reduce or eliminate; or
      3. a trend or rise in claims which the grant subject would reduce or eliminate. 
    2. A POOL/PACT consultant or subject matter expert (SME) recommends a project, item, or expenditure, or the Loss Control Committee recommends a project, item, or expenditure.  Examples of a POOL/PACT consultant or SME are professionals retained to assist school districts, law enforcement, swimming pools, or cybersecurity. 
    3. The member provides sufficient evidence that significant risk reduction or control would benefit a substantial number of the member's employees or public they serve, and the project, item, or expenditure would address the risk and be beneficial to all POOL/PACT members in reducing or controlling risk. 
    4. All other grant applications will be reviewed on an individual basis, based upon evidence presented, indicating that the program, project, or acquisition will reduce, mitigate, and/or eliminate an identified risk. 
    5. For all grant applications, additional factors for consideration include, but are not limited, to:
      1. Whether the applicant sought funding through other federal, state, or industry grants and the results of such an application;
      2. Documented claim or loss history (e.g., claim history reports, police reports, investigative reports, SME reports) pertaining to the subject of the grant;
      3. The percentage of the applicant's budget allotted to capital acquisitions and improvements; and
      4. Whether the applicant has completed or is in the process of completing the Enterprise Risk Management Excellence Program. 
    6. Ineligible requests may include, but are not limited to, projects already paid for by the member or typical and ordinary capital budget items.  Ordinary capital budget items include acquisitions and improvements of land, buildings, equipment, furniture, fixtures, and vehicles. 

SECTION II - Rules & Restrictions

  1. Risk Management grants are reimbursement grants limited to member entities and will be reimbursed at 75% of the total cost; the member is responsible for 25% of the total program, project, or acquisition. 
  2. Funding of Risk Management Grants are subject to POOL/PACT Risk Management and Educational Grant budget constraints. Grant funding is also subject to prioritization of programs, projects, and acquisitions by the Loss Control Committee and/or POOL/PACT Risk Management. 
  3. Grant requests less than $10,000.00 will be reviewed and considered by POOL/PACT Risk Management guided by the funding criteria above.  Members (the entity and the member's sub-entities) are limited to applying for two (2) risk management grants under $10,000.00 per fiscal year. 
  4. Grant requests $10,000.00 or more are referred to the Loss Control Committee for consideration.  The Committee reviews such grants at each quarterly meeting. Submit applications and supporting documents at least 14 days prior to the Committee meeting at which the application is to be considered.  Applications submitted after the cutoff will be considered at the next quarterly meeting.  Members (including sub-entities) are limited to two (2) applications for risk management grants over $10,000.00 per fiscal year. 
  5. Incomplete applications will not be considered. 
  6. Grant funding may only be used for the subject of the application.  The member agrees to and is responsible for returning any unused funding within 30 days of its distribution. 
  7. The member is responsible for all funding necessary to sustain the grant subject.  For example, online training subscription, surveillance system, or pilot projects. The member is responsible for future or recurring costs including, but not limited to, subscriptions; equipment upgrades, implementation of a pilot project across an entity, replacement, maintenance, repair and/or all other similar expenses.
  8. A member representative knowledgeable about the grant application must attend and present the submitted application to the Loss Control Committee when the application is considered.

SECTION III - The Application

  1. The Application.  Grant requests must be submitted on the following application:
  2. Member Information.  The following member information is needed to complete the application:
    1. The member's name. For example, Elko County, Town of Tonopah, or Incline Village General Improvement District. 
    2. The name of the department submitting the application, if applicable.  For example, Sheriff's Office, Human Resources, or Public Works.
    3. The name, phone number, and email of the person submitting the application. 
    4. The name and email of the department head who will receive the grant reimbursement.  For example, John Smith, Comptroller or Jane Doe, Treasurer.
    5. The name, phone number, and email of the person who will appear at the Loss Control Committee to present the grant to the Committee. 
    6. The name, title, phone number, and email of the member's liaison. 
    7. A completed Member Risk Management Grant Application Approval Form.  Submit this form with the grant application.
  3. Grant Narrative.  The grant request must include an explanation of:
    1. How the project, program, or acquisition applies to one or more of the Funding Criteria;
    2. How the project, program, or acquisition will reduce, mitigate, or eliminate risk; and 
    3. Why the member does not have the funding to finance the project in its capital operating budget.
    4. With respect to the grant subject, prior federal, state, or industry grants that have been applied for and the result of such applications. 
  4. Supporting Documents.  Submit the following information to support the grant request:
    1. Claim history, loss history, or other evidence that the grant subject addresses a risk to the member, its employees, and/or the public it serves. 
    2. The percentage of the member's budget allocated to capital acquisitions and improvements. 
    3. All final quotes, bids, invoices, estimates, and proposals for repairs, construction, or remodeling.  It is the responsibility of the member-applicant to ensure project estimates/proposals are current at the time of consideration. 
    4. Evidence that the individual or entity providing/performing the program, product, or service is certified, insured, bonded, and/or licensed as the program, product, or service may require. 
    5. All grant applications seeking funds totaling $50,000.00 or more must include an affirmation by the member board or liaison indicating all federal, state, and local rules will be or have been followed.  This includes, but is not limited to, the Local Government Purchasing Act
    6. The total budget for the project, program, or acquisition. 
    7. The dollar amount to be funded by the member. 
    8. The dollar amount to be funded by POOL/PACT.

SECTION IV - Approval

  1. Proof of Payment.  If the grant application is approved, the member must submit all receipts associated with the purchase of the program, project, service, or acquisition to POOL/PACT within 60 days to or  Additional time to complete the program, project, service, or acquisition may be obtained by request.  Upon receipt and review of proof of payment, POOL/PACT will issue reimbursement to the member's treasurer or comptroller listed in the application.  If proof of payment is not provided within 180 days of approval, the grant will be withdrawn and considered closed. 
  2. Validation Report.  If the grant application is approved, the member must submit a Validation Report within 30 days of the grant subject becoming operational.  Failure to do so may result in denial of future Risk Management Grants.
  3. Enterprise Risk Management Excellence Program (ERMEP).  If the grant application is approved, you must submit one or more sections of the ERMEP within 30 days of approval.   Please call Marshall Smith or Jarrod Hickman for further information at (775) 885-7475.

SECTION V - Questions

If you have any questions about the Risk Management Grant application or process, please call or email:

Marshall Smith at (775) 885-7475 or

Jarrod Hickman at (775) 885-7475 or

Documents you will need:

Member Application Approval Form
Download, save, and have this completed by the department supervisor and board/liason before submitting online application. This form may also be completed and mailed to POOL/PACT.

Validation Report
Download and save this document. You will be required to submit this document within 30 days after education event is completed.

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